ARC49 is born from the idea of combining design and practicality, function and aesthetics, portability and ease of assembly, all at an affordable cost.

The outside side is characterized by the design of the arch that makes more sparkling a structure which plays with the connection between full and empty volumes .


This lightness makes it convenient to be transported. ARC49 can be assembled comfortably at home without giving up quality of materials as well as a modern and charming desing. The support connecting the plinth and the upper frame makes the structure solid and stable (in any case it has to be fixed to the wall), furthermore all the shelves have three possible heights to be adapted to different needs.

An eclectic furniture that can be used as wall composition, bookcase or rack , it is suitable to be used both in the home and in the workplace to furnish with taste its own living space.

ARC49 is a modern and versatile solution to furnish your living room, office, bedroom, kitchen or to organize all your other spaces. Durable and fashionable materials with finishes that can be matched to any type of environment.


The available finishes are colored Dakota and Havana Light shown here in the figure.

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“Beautiful, light, elegant I thought for her to pass a wire of air between his sides: where books can lean to rest after many adventures... ”