Piergiorgio Piergiorgio Pradella is working in Verona, the town where he was born.
After his artistic studies, in 1982 he founded his own design studio and later, in 1998 he graduated from the title of Industrial Design-Civil Engineering, thinking to a very important project: the rehabilitation of “Piazza delle Erbe” in Verona. The architect loves to take different decisions in the planning stage of the intervention sectors: for example the contract projects, which took him to work in America, Russia, Japan and all over Europe for long time; but he prefers to carry about the redesign, that is a new way to realize new proposal inspired by historical models from the past, leading to the creation of a new classic and contemporary elements, more properly characterized as a strong memory.
Considering that today’s society is the result of currents and very contrasting stimulus, he believes that there is space for endless proposals for furnishing, but with only one goal: the original concept of home must be kept intact in developing the project, designing it as a place where our soul founds harmony and balance through symbolisms of cultural construction. He makes constantly sure of the cultural aspect of the project, creating products that sometimes are well appreciated with enthusiasm by the public so as to become role models themselves. He considers that the birth of a project corresponds to the study of the public taste and the kind of philosophy to be transmitted, from which it derives a search on the world that the architect will from time to time approach, catching the essential aspects and then trying to identify himself, for example, in the same period he is studying or analyzing. Once established and understood what is the essence of the new project, it is possible to express through the drawing the enthusiasm for the new product as well.